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Shoujo Senki Soul Eater PART 1

Having transformed into Soul Eater, Mikoto fights against Byakko, the tiger chimera responsible for the disappearance of her mother and younger sister.

Gogo no Kouchou Junai Mellow yori PART 1 Gogo no Kocho

Yayoi is a sexually frustrated housewife with a workaholic husband whom she loves, but lately hasn't been paying her the attention she needs. She begins to fantasize frequently.

Kazama Mana Night Shift Nurse PART 1 Kazama Mana

This anime focuses on Kazama Mana, the main character of Yakin Byōtō 2. She works for a sanatorium as an intern nurse. Mana looks up to Nightingale, and she wants to be an angel in white like her.

Gangrape School PART 1 OAV Rinkan Gakuen Yamete Okaa San Minaide

A school specialized in abusing foreign exchanges students. It does not matter when and where and whom.
There speciality is gang-rape and it’s their favourite too.

Elf no Futago Hime Willan to Alsra PART 1

There is a world where humans and elves live together. Elves rule the world because of their intelligence and longevity. But one day, humans rise in rebellion and a big war breaks out.

Swing Out Sisters PART 1

Great sister-incest story drawn by Taro Shinonome.

Shiofuki Mermaid PART 1 Dame Coach Nanika Dechaū

Makoto is a regular university undergraduate who often visits a nearby swimming pool to dip and watch women in swimsuits.

Houkago Nyan Nyan PART 1 OAV Houkago Nyannyan

A young boy finds himself in a very weird situation when a girl from his class asks him to masturbate in front of her.
Before long they find themselves doing nasty things all over the place.

Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo PART 1

Is the story of two girls, Miu and Reo. One day Reo grabs a cold, so Miu stays to take care of her. Through out the OAV, their relationship develops into a wonderful love story.

True Blue Gaiden PART 1

Kanzaki Aoi and Kurusu Akito have just broken down their early day’s connection and are no longer together.

Kijutsushi x Majutsushi Osaka Tanteibu no Jikenbo PART 1

During a sexually-charged hypnotism assembly put on by Ousaka Academy's Supernatural Club, a REAL Phantom appears and makes off with Himiko, the magician's assistant by vanishing into thin air.

Iyashite Agerun Saiyuki PART 1 Karma Saiyuki

Set in a world where androids are disposable, and are thrown out as trash as soon as they break down. A team of 3 girls use their special powers of healing to repair such machines.

Shimai Ningyou PART 1 Necromancer

A brother and his sister were madly in love with each other, but their love would not last forever.